Warehouse Safety


Tuff Guard safety railing offers protection from forklift impact, up to 10,000 lbs at 6 mph.

Modular Protective Barriers help to create pathways and clearly-marked blockades in areas with pedestrian traffic.

Pedestrian Barrier Gates offer an OSHA compliant method of creating a barrier at the dock door to prevent personnel from accidental falls.

Rack Guards protect the ends of pallet racks from damage caused by forklift impact.

Post Protectors shield rack posts from potential impact damage.

Guide Rails provide a ground-level barrier between forklifts and racking, and are great for narrow aisle applications.

Door Track Guards give protection to overhead door tracks, allowing for a safer loading process.

Goal Posts protect an entire door frame from impact damage.

Bollards come in 6” or 4” diameter, and can be designed with a baseplate for surface mounting, or without a baseplate for in-ground installation.

Pipe Guards can be wall, floor or corner mounted to ensure downspouts are protected from potential impact.

Building Column Guards come with two floor-mounted pieces and fasteners, that assemble around a building column in a warehouse.

Corner Guards offer protection to wall, office or pallet racking corners.

Machine Guards create a blockade in front of valuable machinery in a warehouse.


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