Edge of Dock Levelers – EOD Levelers


Bluff’s Edge of Dock Leveler, commonly referred to as an EOD, is a permanent solution to bridging the gap between a dock and truck for transitioning purposes. These offer a service range of 5” above or below the dock, and are typically used for businesses with a captured fleet of trucks. EOD’s are installed by welding to an existing steel channel in the dock, or in conjunction with an optional transition plate.

We also offer an option for a Lo-Dock Leveler, which is an EOD attached to a ramp that raises up a dock height anywhere from 3 to 20 inches. This solves the issue of a low dock height, where trucks are coming in too high to be able to load and unload products easily. The Lo-Dock Leveler is also available with a Door Seal option, which allows an overhead door to shut down flush on top of the ramp.


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